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    Do you live in Estepona y
    Do you have a project in wood in mind?

    Whether your project is big or small,
    is in good hands when choosing Carpintero in Estepona!

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    Carpenter in Estepona provides carpentry services
    with experience and quality in the area of Estepona and the whole province of Malaga.

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Our Services

Carpentry in Estepona is proud to evolve and improve every day, to meet the needs of our customers. We always bet on the continuous training of our professionals and the development and adaptation of new techniques and technologies in the work with wood. Deposit your trust in us and we will correspond with a professional job and the house of your dreams.
Carpentry company in Estepona, Málaga, San Pedro de Alcántara and Costa del Sol
Carpintero en Estepona


In carpentry in Estepona, we know very well that the door is not important for the security offered by a home, but it is a fundamental piece in the aesthetics and harmony of our house, that is, we want to see when we are far away and the one that we He despises every morning with the illusion of returning to it soon.
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Our cabinets are customized storage solutions, which seek to satisfy the needs of space and organization of our customers in an aesthetic and harmonious way. At Carpintero in Estepona, we take advantage of spaces of any shape and size to transform them into an ally serving the order of the whole family.
Diseño de interiores en una casa de Estepona


The floors in wood are elegant and sophisticated, they have generated warmth and distinction to homes for decades and now it is possible to have not only classic and sumptuous parquet, but also, there is a lot of modern parquet, which go well and highlight modern decorations and avant-garde. If you want to give a warm and sophisticated style to your home, Carpintero in Estepona is the right one.
Diseño de interiores en una casa de Estepona


Increase the useful spaces of your home and enjoy your patio or garden like never before. With a pergola built by Carpintero in Estepona, you and your family can enjoy new spaces of rest and fun. Your Home will never be the same and your family and friends will thank you. We do not only make pergolas, we make spaces to enjoy life!

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At Carpintero in Estepona, you are our reason for being. That's why we listen to your ideas and advise you based on your needs, tastes and budget, to carry out your project with the best materials and the work of professional carpenters. Call us and we will make you a completely free quote!

What do we do?

As professional carpenters it is a pleasure to undertake projects that are in favor of creating or improving the living spaces of our clients, that is why at Carpintero in Estepona we have the firm conviction to do quality work, with responsibility and always bearing in mind the needs and tastes of those who inhabit those spaces, and we do not rest until we achieve the complete satisfaction of our clients.
Do you want a carpenter? We have the carpenters in Estepona that you need.
  • Doors
  • Wardrove
  • Carpentry
Example of carpentry services in Estepona


  • The doors are the first thing that people see when they visit us and the last thing they see when they leave, that is why it is an element that must be kept in mind when giving a style or an aesthetic concept to our house. On the other hand, the doors are in charge of providing security for you and your whole family. At Carpintero in Estepona we have doors made with high quality standards, the best materials and a great diversity of styles that will give your home the security and beauty that you and your family want.

Types of doors

  • Modern doors
  • Classic doors
  • Lacquered doors
  • Doors for wardrobes
image of a wardrobe installed by our carpenters in Estepona


In carpenter in Estepona we specialize in providing solutions to the storage problems of our customers with our custom cabinets, manufactured with high quality standards and guaranteed materials. Tailored cabinets allow us to adapt to any space in your home, regardless of size or shape; In addition, we always keep in mind the design and style of your home, as well as your tastes and needs. With Carpintero in Estepona you will always have a team of professional, experienced and passionate allies for carpentry, that will help you turn your home into the home you have always wanted.

Choose between:

  • Sliding cabinets
  • Folding cabinets
  • Dressing rooms
Es un ejemplo de diseño de interiores en un chalet de Estepona


With the help of Carpintero in Estepona you can fully equip your home with beautiful doors and wooden cabinets, made to measure. We have a team of expert carpenters, with all the knowledge and willingness to meet all your carpentry needs: Wooden doors for exteriors and interiors, Classic and modern custom cabinets, as well as wooden surfaces, including parquet, pergolas and constructions in wood for patios and gardens. With us you will receive a specialized and complete advice to manage your project from start to finish, with quality, certified and guaranteed materials. Carpenter in Estepona will make your home the home you have always wanted!

Types of joinery

  • Classic parquet
  • Modern parquet


The complete satisfaction of our customers is our reason for being, that is why we are pleased to show more than jobs done with professionalism and responsibility, also show adequate spaces for their use and the delight of those who inhabit them.


Carpinterias en Estepona is a company of carpentry professionals, who provide all types of storage solutions and generation of spaces made of quality woods, through cutting-edge processes, to provide our customers with the best products and a highly qualified service , responsible and creative. In Carpintero in Estepona we elaborate, reform and rehabilitate any surface in wood, if you need experienced and specialized carpenters in the area of ​​Estepona and its surroundings, call us, we will help you to materialize that project in wood that you always dreamed of.
El jefe de la Carpintería en reformas Estepona